Potentate's Message

The Dust is settling, and the Temple is getting into a routine, Kim’s hair is starting to grow back after putting up with/ training a new Recorder and Potentate, Thank you Kim! Our Recorder, Art, is emailing a weekly Temple update, his goal is to better our communications with the Nobility. Divan Reps/ Ambassadors please use these for Club/ Unit Talking Points. Noble Art puts a nice twist on what’s going on at the Temple, be sure to check it out for an up to the minute picture of Temple happenings.
NOBILITY Night is catching on, the Half Pints Club hosted our February event, their theme was a Toga Party, they had prizes, games and music, Togas were optional (you still had to wear something of course!), Boise #2 and dates showed up, fun time for all. Noble Blake set up the Tiger Room for movie night, didn’t have any kids show up, probably for the better, some of the Togas were a little over the top, watched the new King Kong, scary! Nobles, help us out, we want to make your Shrine the place to go for a fun filled evening with your family providing entertainment for everyone, the dinner is great, and Kids eat free! For our Clubs and Units, if you have an idea for a future Nobility Night, bring it on! We’re always looking for new events. 2018 Directories and pins are now available, stop in at the Recorder’s office and pick one up. Divan Reps, if you need additional pins and directories for your monthly club/ unit visits, let me or Art know. Ties finally came in, pretty nice, $20 gets you one, we have XL lengths also.
Winter PNSA in Coeur d’Alene was an eye opener, you know something is happening when four Imperial officers show up headed by Imperial Potentate Gary Bergenske. Imperial Sir Jim Cain, Chief Rabban, gave a very detailed state of the hospitals presentation. I am sure there will be more information coming down the road in the next few months, for the present, suffice it to say, Change is on the horizon. As always it was great to spend time with our counterparts and share problems and successes in the Temple system. OG Dale had a family emergency and was unable to attend, 1st Ceremonial Master Blake filled in for him and joined the OG’s in their meetings which worked so well, PNSA Director, Larry Tipton, wants to make the 1st CM’s invitation a standard for future winter business meetings.
36th Annual ICE BREAKER, Twin Falls March 3rd, a great cure for Cabin Fever, put it on your calendar! Cost is $10/ person, 9 holes of Putt-Putt bar golf, each bar has a theme hole, transportation between holes is provided by volunteer school bus drivers, so you don’t need to worry about transportation. We are planning on taking the Shrine van and will be leaving for T.F. at 7 AM, more info to come. Melodrama is in full swing in March, which, coupled with Treefort will completely book the Temple for the entire month, as has been the custom, our stated meeting, March 14th, will be held in Pocatello, I would like to have as many Nobles and Ladies as possible attend, our Eastern Idaho Nobles commitment to the Shrine and our Temple is what the fraternity is all about. We are planning on renting vans and the Temple will cover the cost. By the way, I promise there will be no Drama this year!

Yours in the Faith,
David E. Thomas, Potentate Elect 2018 and Lady Pam