Potentate's Message

April has been a great month. We had our annual Potentate’s Ball on Saturday, April 8. This was a tremendous event, with over 140 attendees. The ceremony, the food, and the music were spot on. Lady Carol and I want to thank Chief Rabban Dave Thomas, Lady Pam, Dick Swift, and Noble Gary Betts for their efforts in making this a great night. There were also many others who also made this a fun night. We have had so many compliments!
I would also like to thank the Eagles of Idaho Falls for their donation to El Korah. This money will be used to take care of our “Shrine” kids and make some needed repairs to our building.
Approximately 46 Nobles attended our April Stated Meeting. There were two Past Grand Masters and 6 Past Potentates in attendance. We had a great meal of spaghetti and meatballs. Past Potentate Bert Miller presented a check to El Korah. Our Recorder also read three new petitions. These three candidates were voted on and approved. They were made Shriners at the Cold Sands Ceremony held at El Korah on Saturday, April 15. We will have another Cold Sands ceremony for candidates from Twin Falls in May. We are planning a major Symposium and Ceremonial in November. More information on these to come later this year.
El Korah was hosted at this year’s Cycle Addiction Fun Run held on Saturday, April 15. There were many riders and Shriners who rode their motorcycles on the designated route. Cycle Addiction also held a cook out lunch and auction for the attendees in Melba. Noble Ken Rufe, Chief Rabban Dave Thomas and Lady Pam also helped facilitate this event. Thanks to all for your participation. Funds from the auction are usually donated to the El Korah Patient Travel Fund. The results will be announced at a later date.
Please see the Major Event calendar in this issue of the Dust. This is a list of the major El Korah events that are happening this year. We will maintain this list and amend it as required. Your input is also welcome!
Please remember the 2017 El Korah Circus is coming in June. We will need your help to make it a success. There will be numerous flyers on this subject. We need your help!
To All: Many thanks for coming together to make El Korah a place to “hang out” and enjoy some Camaraderie!

Michael G. Yavno (& Lady Carol)
Potentate 2017
El Korah Shriners